Simple tips when you eat out !

1. Keep your carbs low in the meals you take at home before going out
Depend on carbs of fruits and vegetables like ghiya, turai, palak, cauliflower.
2. While eating out, eat everything keeping your portions small.
3. Prefer Dry starters and snacks than gravies.
4. Have desert before if you really plan to have one, that means gave it before starting anything to eat
5. After coming back, either do intermediate fasting till next day consuming sips of hot water (no gulping full glass at once)
Try to stay on zero carb foods
For vegetarian: Raw Paneer or just tawaa sauted one.
For eggetarians: Egg whites
For chicken lovers: Chicken Breast

These tips if you follow religiously, you won’t gain back the lost weight and you will cleanse your bowels easily next day.

Stay updated
Stay fit
Lu all😍

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