Thyroid Facts

Thyroid medicine should be consumed empty stomach and you shouldn’t eat even a fruit for 45 minutes after that
This causes confusion because ideally, we should eat a fruit as soon as I get up.
So here is a trick I tell to all my patients
If you normally getup at 6
Put an alarm of 5:15, keep tablet and water on bed side at night which you will take at 5:15 and sleep back again
Then get up at your normal timings and have a fruit. This makes it easier.

Few more facts about thyroid medication and other medicines interaction. Read them carefully.

Thyroid medicines interacts with minerals such as iron, calcium, and magnesium, which lower the activity of thyroid medicine.
**Many antacids contain magnesium and aluminum, so avoid taking them when you’re on the thyroid supplement levothyroxine.

** If you take iron-containing products such as multivitamins with iron, make sure you do so at least two hours before or after you take your thyroid medication.

** If you take calcium, make sure there’s at least four hours between taking the two kinds of medications.

I hope it makes things clear 🙂
Love to all ❤️

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