Tips and home remedies for Migrane



There are three factors which prevent migraine when used in a synergy.
The first is to stop rebounding.
The second is to reduce your exposure to avoidable migraine triggers. The third is to take preventive medication.

Rebounding occurs when you rely on painkillers and other quick fxes for temporary relief. Each time this type of medication wears off, the underlying problem (migraine) is magnifed.

Rebounding also blocks your ability to respond to the next two steps in preventing migraine: reducing your exposure to avoidable trigger factors and, if necessary, taking preventive medication.


• Hold an ice-pack to your forehead or temples to reduce your pain.

• Lie down in a quiet, dark room.

• You could try keeping a migraine diary. Writing down information about your headaches and what you were doing when they happened can help you find out what triggers your headaches. Then you can avoid those triggers.

• Take the juice of Tinospora cordifolia (giloy) in doses of 10 ml with honey.

• Apply a paste made of black pepper and rice with the juice of ALOEVERA on the forehead.
Alternately, you can apply the paste of sandalwood also.

• Drop some ghee, medicated with saffron fowers (kesar) into each nostril and inhale deeply.

• Take three grams of coriander seeds, five seeds of black pepper, and five badam. Grind with water, sieve, and take before sunrise. Soak badam overnight in water and remove the skin
before preparing the paste.

Prevention is better than cure.
Preventive treatment pays dividends in the end but can seem to be difficult in the beginning, before it starts working.
However, in the long run, it’s the elimination of dietary triggers which is a crucial step in preventing migraine.

Talk to your body, it speaks..!

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