Tips for dealing with a panic attack

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Sometimes we see that everything seems fine and suddenly there are palpitations and nervous breakdown from nowhere. When we show to a doctor, they say all is normal, it was just a *panic attack*

Surprisingly, there was not any condition to panic, life was going perfect and happy
Still panic attack…we get confused.
Let me first explain you what panic attack is!
It can happen with anyone…yes ….even with the happiest person on this planet

Panic attacks can be caused by heredity, chemical imbalances, stress and the use of stimulants (such as caffeine or drugs).

Some people have only one or two attacks and are never bothered again.

Panic attacks can also occur with other psychiatric disorders. In panic disorders, however, the panic attacks return repeatedly and the person develops an intense fear of having another attack.
Without help, this “fear of fear” can make people avoid certain situations and can interfere with their lives even when they are not having a panic attack. Therefore, it is very important to recognize the problem and get help.

#Tips for dealing with a panic attack

(Adapted from “Understanding Panic Disorders,” National Institute of Health)

1. Realize that although your symptoms are frightening, they are an exaggeration of normal stress reactions and aren’t dangerous or harmful.

2. Face the feelings rather than fighting them, and they will become less intense.
Don’t add to the panic by asking “What if?” Tell yourself “So what!”

3. Stay in the present. Notice what is actually happening rather than what you think might happen.

4. Rate your fear level on a scale of 1 to 10 and watch it change. Notice that it doesn’t stay at a high level for more than a few seconds.

5. Distract yourself with a simple task like counting backwards or lightly snapping a rubber band around your wrist.

6 When the fear comes, expect it and accept it. Wait and give it time to pass without running away.

Being mindful and being aware of your feelings put your feelings so much in your control that you feel sudden shift in your energies and start feeling at best in you life

Stay mindful
Stay loved💕 (Self-loved)

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