Treat Rootcause of Acidity with Ayurveda

Our ancient science Ayurveda has solution to all medical problems. Let Ayurveda heal you.

What is Acidity

Ayurveda identifies Acidity or Acid reflux disease as Amlapitta. Dosha responsible for Amlapitta is aggravated pitta dosha

acidity ayurveda
Acidity Ayurveda

What Causes Acidity

Acidity is a lifestyle disease. It is caused by the food we eat and the lifestyle we have.

Treat Acidity Naturally with JeeraGest

JeeraGest provides relief in acidity and constipation. It is an all-natural antacid made of saunf, dhania, and jeera extracts. Regular use helps get rid of acidity, indigestion, and other stomach issues. It also improves metabolism, burns excess fat, and aids weight loss.

Our Happy Tribe

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Dr. Nimarjeet Rajpal is so understanding, explained everything very well to me. Helped me understand hw my lifestyle was causing all my gastro issues.
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I am having this powder and it is helping me cure my hyper-acidity, bloating, and indigestion problems. It is very effective and within 2 weeks I can feel the difference in my acidity problems.
Pari Narang
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I used Jeeragest for my tummy fat and it helped a lot. I feel lighter day by day. Feel active and energetic. It is easy to have it anytime of the day. Digestion improved a lot after having it.
Sonali Nahar
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JeeraGest is very effective, rather I would say is ultimate solution for chronic acidity problem.
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Dr. Nimarjeet Rajpal helped me cure my hyper acidity. With few lifestyle changes and Jeeragest, I was able to control my acid reflux that I was facing since last 7 years. Thank you Doctor.
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Jeeragest is a routine now. We take it daily 2 times to avoid any gastric troubles. I wish I had found this earlier.
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