Turmeric and irregular periods

There are many reasons for irregular periods. Ayurveda believes in curing the reason for treating any problem!!!

Many patients ask me the ways to improve their cycles, their reports being normal and clear. There are many treasures in Ayurveda which on regular consumption cures “n” no of diseases.

Turmeric is one of them…the golden plant…the goddess…many names and many functions in body!!!

Coming to three ways of improving menstrual flow and regulairising the cycle by turmeric consumption:

1. Take 1/4th teaspoon of turmeric, add it in warm milk with 1gm of jaggery in it. Start consuming regularly till you get the sufficient flow.

2. Take 3 pinch of Turmeric, boil in water for 2 minutes and consume the water. Do this regularly to get your periods on time.

3. Mix 1gm of turmeric with 1gm of jaggery and half gm of ajwain and consume it with hot water or hot milk. Repeating this for few cycles regularise the periods.

How turmeric helps in menstrual flow?
Many people would be curious to know how a kitchen spice can do wonders and prevent us from taking hormonal replacement therapy. So here is the concept.
The colour of the turmeric is due to the presence of the active component called curcumin present in turmeric. This curcumin acts as a weak plant hormone or say phytohormone called phytoestrogen. Estrogen is a primary sex hormone in females responsible for regular menstruation and fertility. Consumption of turmeric regularly balances the hormonal abnormalities in body.

It is also believe the turmeric helps to move the stagnant clotted blood inside the body. So it helps in improving the flow in women who complain of black or dark coloured clots.

Teenagers normally face the problem of irregular cycles and dark spotting. Consumption of haldi improves the symptoms without treating them with hormones.

Stay tuned for more effects of haldi!!

Stay beautiful:)

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