Two Intermittent Fasting Myths

1. You can eat anything and everything in the eating window
Fact: Even in your eating window, you need to be mindful on your macros and you should always eat home cooked food. Even if you will see visible changes in weight , but if you are throwing junk food inside you in the eating window, you are ruining your body instead of blessing it.
Mantra: Eat clean

2. You need to starve in fasting window
Fact: Your body doesnt leave the state of fasting when you eat anythjng below 50 calories
Starving will lead to other side effects like headaches, bad mouth odour, migraine, sudden weight gain after leaving the diet and menstrual irregularities.
So eat foods lower than 50 calories in the fasting window when you feel hungry.

Mantra: Never starve

Lots of love and health to all❤️😊

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