Vagina detox (vaginal steaming)

Vagina detox (vaginal steaming) is all about using steam and a selection of herbs to cleanse the vagina.

Vaginal steaming in Chinese medicine is used to relieve stagnation and coldness in the body, and in Eastern medicine in general it is used to
**dilate the blood vessels
**treats white vaginal discharge
**increase blood circulation
**provide oxygenation and
**relax the pelvic floor muscles.

How To Do A Vaginal-Steam Bath At Home?

Boil about 2 litre of filtered water and add alum in it (fitkari/trutti)
Use about 10gms of alum.. If you use any fresh herbs like Tulsi or mint leaves along, it will also remove the foul odor.
There is no need to boil trutti if you are not adding herbs. Only make the water tolerate hot and grate alum to add it.
If you are adding herbs too, Boil for 10 minute and continue to steep off of the stove for an additional 5 minutes.
Then pour the herbal water into a tub Mix normal water till it becomes tolerate hot or warm.
Please not that it shouldn’t be too hot. It should be warm.
Sit in the tub comfortably without your underwear.
Breath in, pulling your vaginal muscles too (same way you hold the urine) hold for few seconds and release. In Yoga, it is called mool bandh kriya. It is very powerful exercise for pelvic muscle.
You can Put a towel or a blanket around your waist and create a tent over the bowl.
Steam your vagina and the surrounding areas for about ten minutes.
The way our other parts need regular care like facial, pedicure, manicure, our vagina too needs special care once on a week.
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