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A reminder Post❤️😊

How can you help your body to lose fat?

We often ignore our body and keep abusing it verbally by saying, I never loose weight, my body doesn’t respond, my fat looks so ugly, I am ashamed of my cellulite… How bad my body shape looks in this dress..

Do you even know what effects these statements have on your body and on your mind

Let me tell you according to metaphysics, these statements affect both your mind and body
1. For your subconscious mind, these are like instructions. When you say I never loose weight, your subconscious perceives, I am ok never losing weight…
When you say my body doesn’t respond, it perceives as my body shouldn’t respond
So you are giving commands to your mind to control your body in a way you would never want and your wish is your minds command

2. Impact on your body:
Your body is like a child. When you verbally use such statements, it feels bad. Your organs feel bad that you are cursing them. And when children feel bad, they become stubborn. And that’s how our body starts behaving. Stubborn and even more non responsive

Now try this
Always when you get ready in front of mirror, instead of focusing on your fat, focus on your curves or one thing which you like in your body
Say face, or waistline or breast size or may be arms shape or legs shape..any of your feature like eyes, lips, hair
Focus on that one good thing and say while looking in mirror
Wow, I look so good … I look super amazing in this attire … Or say yes I can see that curve coming in my shape…my body respond so well
And then look at your fat part and say… my stomach, I am sure it is going to respond to my diet. It always responds best. I will be in best shape soon. I love you my body for being there for me always.

Even while talking consciously, you should never say to anyone that I never lose weight. Rather say
I lose weight so easily and effortlessly. My body supports my diet, helps in digestion of my good and I feel so so healthy. It’s all on me
It’s all on me
More I will take care of it, more it will respond

Understand that all that fat which you are cursing, hasn’t come on its own. We feeded our body junk and bad lifestyle, which has given it these depositions of fat and now we are blaming it for our faults.
Is it fair 😊

Start using such weight loss affirmations everyday and you will start feeling change in your energy shift and you will witness that you have started taking efforts on your own for getting in shape

Self love is the best therapy to lose weight
I am giving you some affirmations for same

1. Every day, in every way, I am becoming a better me.
2. I am discovering delicious new foods that make me healthier.
3. Achieving my weight loss goal becomes easier every day.
4. I am grateful to have a body capable of exercising.
5. I am proud of myself for choosing a healthier lifestyle.
6. I am surrounded by people who complements and support me.
7. I am always focused on feeling good about myself.
8. Becoming fit gives me a more positive outlook on life.
9. Every cell in my body feels energetic and healthy.
10. I am delighted that my clothes are beginning to fit better.
11. I am beginning to see a new, leaner me in the mirror.
12. Fitness is becoming a passion that I enjoy.
13. Everywhere I look I find others excited about losing weight.
14. It’s easy to find quick ways to burn extra calories every day.
15. My excess fat is melting away to reveal my strong, lean muscles.
16. The slim inner me is joyfully emerging.
17. I am giving myself the strong, healthy body I deserve.

Love your body unconditionally and Enjoy the process ❤️😊

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