Assignment- Day 3

1. Thoughts Awareness:

Write atleast ten things around you without judgement 

If you see laundry clothes, wrote clothes don’t tag them with a judgement that they need to send to laundry

If you see torn curtain, write curtain, see and accept the things as they are 

Hear: minimum Three or more  sounds which you hear around you. If that’s traffic which is annoying you, that’s okay. It’s just vehicle voice and no further judgements.

Feel: Whatever you feel on your skin, like my fingers touch to mobile

Like my hair touching my neck

Likewise write 5 things that you feel on your skin

Feel inside: Whatever you feel inside you. Close your eyes to feel this. Scan your body from head to bottom

Do you feel any strain in head or a mild headache?

Can you feel your breathing?

Can you feel anything in your stomach

Write all the things that you Can feel inside you. Get aware of the thoughts . 

This is very powerful exercise because when you will do it regularly the moment judgement will start, you know where to stop your suffering,

The moment mild strain in head will start , you will know you need to rest or de stress so that it doesn’t turn to headache.

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