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Brown Rice Vs White Rice

Let’s burst some Myths Today 🙂Watch the video! https://satnaamherbals.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/video-3.mp4

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Following Clean Eating in Quarantine

We all know that Earth is recoveringMany of us might feel it as a punishment and Many of us are realising that we need to …

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Diabetes After 35 Years of Age

One most important test which must be done once an year if you are not diabetic is HbA1cIt tells us the average of the highest …

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Personal Transformation Course

Learn powers of: Mindfulness, Hooponopono, Law of Attraction

  • 21 days Personal Transformation Course
  • Meditation techniques for better life
"Amazing Tricks to Keep Yourself Healthy."
- Dr Nimarjeet

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