Intermittent fasting

Getting regular queries to follow intermittent fasting.
This term is actually misunderstood. My patients by now, know it very well how to apply this kind of diet into their lifestyle without getting its side effects.
Let me try to explain you also so that you don’t end up harming your body in desire of losing weight
See, We have trillions and zillions of cells in our body
You know what that means?
That means there are trillions and zillions of differences in our bodies from each other.
How can you expect your body to respond in same way as someone’s else body did?
Please understand your body
Diet is all about knowing yourself more every single day

Coming back to intermittent fasting,

Bodies with vaat prakruti responds best to this diet. But they need to know how to correctly implement it in their life.

Kapha prakruti will rather feel bloated, full, distended with diet so it’s not suitable for them.

Pitta prakruti will have acidity with this diet. Not suitable for them too.

This is not what I am saying
This is what Charak Samhita says
(Ayurvedic Medicines Granth)

“Yat Pinde, Tat Brahmande”

Whatever is in body, is in Universe

You just need to match your frequencies and you will get the results

Love you all❤️🙏😊

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