Myth or Fact – Stay Aware !

Does Hot lemon water with honey results in achieving great weight loss results?

Fact or Myth: Myth

Researches: Never saw any weight loss with this potion in any study.

If we look into some benefits, then this potion definitely slows down the metabolism due to
chemical composition of honey, making you feel full for longer and so your appetite is reduced.
It may help in weight management but not weight loss provided you have a good control on your diet.
When your lifestyle lack in healthy diet pattern, you eat all the junk you want, don’t expect any magicpotion to work on your body.

Other unknown Effects: Ayurveda says, combination of honey with heat changes its qualities and so it is considered as a virudh ahaar (opposite foods).
So better option is take it sometimes just to cleanse your body from toxins and not expect
weight loss results.
Honey is known for cleansing benefits and right way to consume it by having two teaspoonful of honey and then drinking Luke warm water over it.
Ayurveda strongly prohibits adding honey into hot water due to change in its chemical properties

Stay aware 

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