Coronavirus Anxiety- How to keep ourselves calm.. (Part 1)

What CoronaVirus Anxiety is doing to Us?
Why do we say, more you fear it, more chances are there for you to attract it?

A simple fact is based on science.
Anxiety leads to Stress
Stress leads to Inflammation
Inflammation compromises your Immune System
Compromised immune system is more prone to virus attact.

So please understand, we need to be centered.
More centered we are, less are we prone to this and other immunodeficiency disorders.

I have created a meditation to keep you centered
To keep you calm
To make you feel that you have a protective golden shield around you and no virus can enter that zone

Feel that ❤️You are safe❤️

Whoever meditates daily and want this free meditation, please drop your mail id in the comment box, my team will send mail you the meditation.

You can whatsap your mail I’d by clicking link below
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