Curd rice or dahi chawal

I normally suggest my patients on diet to Consume one bowl of curd rice in lunch to promote weight loss. This dish may have originated as a south Indian dish but in the summer every north Indian swears by it as well. I have grown eating curd-rice as a snacky lunch in summers.
It is one of the go-to meal for anyone suffering from heat stroke or upset stomach.

Best for kids in this season to keep them away from heat affect.

One of the biggest advantages this dish has over others is that it is extremely easy to make.
Let’s have a look on its five major benefits!!

Best for digestion: The curd in curd rice is also rich in probiotics that promotes the growth of healthy gut bacteria thus relieving constipation and abdominal pain triggered by it. Curd rice promotes Digestion to best. It is light on stomach.

Coolant: Curd rice should ideally always be eaten cold. Curd is a natural fire extinguisher that cools the body and helps maintain internal body temperature.
Even when you are feeling feverish or if it’s simply a very hot day, try some curd rice.

Stress Buster: Curd contains probiotics, antioxidants and good fats. This helps the brain deal with pain and emotions like stress. This makes curd rice not only a tasty dish but also a stress busting one.

I know this matters to us the most 😉
A bowl of curd rice can fill your stomach and keep you from snacking. It also has negligible calories when compared to the same amount of fried rice or pulao. This makes curd rice a good meal to indulge in when you’re attempting to lose weight.

Immunity Booster: Curd is rich in antioxidants that give the body power to fight infections. It also gives the body much needed energy when the body really feels drained out.

Now that you have enough reasons to eat some curd rice, here’s an easy recipe.
You’ll need:

1/2bowl of curd
1 bowl rice
1 tsp oil
1/4 tsp cumin seeds
1/4 tsp black gram
4-5 curry leaves
Coriander leaves and salt to taste
Mix the curd and rice in a bowl. Heat the oil in a pan and lightly fry the cumin seeds, black gram and curry leaves. Add this to the curd-rice mixture and season with salt. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves.
Bon appetit!

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