Feeling lazy and disheartening ?

Feeling tired and low and lazy all the time is disheartening, demoralizing, and frustrating. You want to race like a thoroughbred, but you feel stuck in the mud.
Half the time you’re struggling just to stay awake.
Life is passing by, and you can’t keep up with it.
Willpower also stops working here.

The complete lack of energy that comes with lethargy means that you feel like doing nothing except sit on the couch or sleep. The drowsiness and lack of energy may be due to medical issues or it may just be a personality trait!

Let’s have a look on Quick cures for fatigue and some tips to manage it!!
• For a quick pick-me-up, put two drops of peppermint oil on a tissue or handkerchief, hold it to your nose, and breathe deeply. If you have more time, try adding two drops of the oil to bathwater along with four drops of rosemary oil for an invigorating soak.

• Lie on your back and use pillows to prop your feet at a level higher than your head or, better yet, lie on an adjustable exercise bench or other surface that slants. In India, yogis fight fatigue through such practices by encouraging blood flow to the brain, which is thought to boost alertness.

Also remember that Often fatigue is accompanied by lack of motivation and low sex drive. A long list of medical conditions and lifestyle issues can contribute to fatigue,including lack of sleep, inadequate nutrition, flu, obesity, allergies, infections, anemia, alcohol abuse, hypothyroidism, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and AIDS. So you need to treat these causes along with the home remedies.
Don’t let this summer heat beat your energies!!
Keep Drinking:
Coconut Water: Best time is between 11-1 pre lunch
Fresh lime: Pre dinner
Tulsi tea: Anytime a day when you feel lethargic
GluconD: Post workout
Take care of yourself and your family members by these simple tips:)
Stay at best❤️

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