Lets Talk on Spiritual Weight Loss

Why are you not Able to stay consistent on focus on one weight loss routine?
Answer is right there.
Even before you start this process, you start taking it as a burden ex. I will have to wake up early from tom to go for walk.
Even before you jump into a positive change of life, you start fearing ex. What if even I sacrifice my favourite foods, weight loss doesn’t happen?
Even before you hire a nutritionist, doubts start bothering you
“Guaranteed weight loss hoga na”

The feelings of burden, fear and doubts are so negative that they take over your positive idea to lose weight and you drop down your motivation before you drop down your weight.

So what’s the solution
Cleanse your mind before cleansing your body.
Enjoy the process
Dont take it as a sacrifice
Release the expectations of the outcome
You just give your best and enjoy receiving the results rather than waiting for results.

You will receive abundant health you can trust me💖
Stay positive 

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