Self-help guidelines for migrane

Part 1

• Spread your workload evenly during the day to avoid highs and lows of stress at work or at home.

• Do not sleep excessively, especially during Sunday mornings and holidays.

• Do not get too tired.

• Eat at regular times, and do not skip meals.

• Do not eat or drink anything, you think brings a headache.

• Limit the amount of tea, coffee and painkillers you use.

• Watch your posture. Try to keep your neck straight.

• Keep your muscles relaxed when you are not physically active. Try not to frown or tighten your jaw.

• Restrict your physical activities in hot weather.
Avoid bright or fickering lights, loud noises or strong smells if they trigger headaches.

• Remember the classic advice; “Ati sarvatra varjayeth” that is Excess of everything is bad 😊 So eat everything in moderation.


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